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Themes and Focus


I love developing a rich world / universe / multiverse, whatever the genre may be. From the cooling of stars into worlds to technological advancements, complex magick systems, and unique creature life, I believe a rich civilization, history, and language is crucial to a vibrant narrative. I exploit a love of research—biology, genetics, physics, evolution, landscape formation, weather—with experience traveling, training animals, and cultivating plants.


Occult science often falls in the intersection of fantasy and science. To enrich magickal systems and scientific questions I draw on experience in Astrology, Alchemy, Hermetic Qabalah, Gematria and Numerology, Ceremonial Magick, Sigilwork, Seidhr and Runic Magic. While I don’t write in the Paranormal genre I like to explore spiritual, psychic, and psychological phenomena, and examine the potentially infinite domains of existence above and below the current range of our senses.


In my science fiction I aim for plausibility, blending current research with far-reaching imagination. I get as close as I can to “hard science,” though I often lean softer in order to explore sociological and philosophical issues. I like to delve into what may be possible in civilizations and environments different from our own rather than visit what is already very familiar to us. Neuroscience, Biology, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Physics are some of my favorite subjects.