Specializing in Fantasy, Mythic Fantasy, Science Fiction, Cyberpunk, Occult


As an experienced falconer, swordswoman, horsewoman, scholar, and occult scientist, I bring a wide range of studies into my story worlds. I incorporate mature and often dark themes which are philosophical, spiritual, scientific, and mythological in nature. I hope to suggest not only potential futures science might craft for us, but also that there may already be much more to our reality than we can currently perceive or measure.

I live in California with a cat, dog, and various hawks and falcons during the hunting season. When not writing I enjoy outdoor sports, hunting, gardening, reading, and video games.

Check on my Dev Diary for work-in-progress updates, visit my Tumblr for daily art inspiration, Facebook for news and articles, Instagram for personal photos, and Twitter for musings and neat discoveries.


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