After ninety years of life in a thirty-year-old body, Marsenn is ready for death. As the illegitimate prince of a ruined and nameless kingdom, he inherited only ashes and a desire to leave the world well alone.

Three arrows bring him down on the battlefield, but death comes in a strange guise: a sorceress clothed in blue moths finds him. Her motives are as mysterious as the longing in her voice and softness in her touch as she murders him, peels his spirit out, and knits it back to his body.

Marsenn awakens alone and alive with a luminous hex mark in his hand. Each day it spreads, drawing him closer to a second death and farther into a world of spirits and dreams. It also grants him a strength he’d never imagined.

With even less to lose than the nothing he had before, Marsenn races to find a cure. Instead, he finds people he doesn’t want to lose.

Drighten is the first book in an adult fantasy trilogy, both introspective and fast-paced, driven by deep characters and a rich world. If you like gritty fantasy epics with magic, combat, and unique creatures and races, then this book is for you.


This collection will take you from the rainforests of Valloren to the cliffs and moorlands of Seivallas, east to the desert of Avoënen, north to its haunting mothercryst, the snowforest of the taigan, and the magick-steeped northern tundra. A complete 13 mp3 tracks and 75 minutes of natural soundscapes for relaxation, inspiration, or as a reading companion. Sign up to my Reader Group below to get it FREE! Or head over to my Soundcloud page to sample some full tracks first.


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